Google vs Facebook

Google vs Facebook

Newsflash! Your Google My Business listing is actually more valuable than your company’s Facebook Page. That’s right I said it. And how can I even say that? Well, recent data tells us that over 70% of users are searching through Google, whereas 30% are searching Facebook. That’s a significant difference. 

Over twice as many people are searching on Google, first and foremost, to find your business. They then decide if they’re going to visit your establishment, buy something or engage with you in a meaningful way. We’ve all found a company by searching this way before, and if people need more info or a way to contact you, they are likely to search Google to do so. 


Do You Need a Google Listing?

Your Google My Business page, also known as your Google listing, is available to every business owner out there. It’s becoming a staple to have a credible business. This tool has all kinds of great features allowing you to have control over your online searchability.


Google gives the business access to control all the content within their listing. It’s incredibly important that your business takes advantage of this opportunity. You can do things like manage reviews submitted, upload relevant imagery and videos, and provide direct access to your website. All your products, services and even your company bio, address and phone number can also be added.   


Mobile Phones, Google Listing and How they Work Together

Over 80% of people are using their mobile devices to search online. They could be traveling or out and about, but they’re likely searching something like, “Food near me,” or “Mechanic near me.” Sometimes they’re sitting at home or in their office, but still using their mobile device instead of their laptop. As this blog is being written, the world is in the midst of a health pandemic. It’s tough for both people and businesses of all sizes. It’s imperative in moments like this to have a good web presence and active Google listing that is updated regularly.


More and more people are finding new ways to work efficiently from home. This alone makes it that much more important for brick and mortar establishments to pivot and leverag online resources to their fullest. Poor online priorities or outdated information, especially your Google Listing will end up costing you money. 


Can I have Facebook and a Google Listing?

Of course! Keep in mind that Your Google My Business profile (aka Google Listing) is more important than your Facebook page. Those who follow you on Facebook are likely fans or existing customers, and it’s great to keep them updated! But if you’re looking to generate new business, people are searching Google, not Facebook. Remember, 30% of new business is generated via Facebook search, whereas over 70% are searched through Google.

Don’t miss out on potential business growth because you value the shiny toy that is Facebook over the effectiveness of Google. Efficiency is the new trend in tech and a trend hardwired into Generation Z, which means it’s not going away but only will increase. If you get this right you are going to gain customers, provide greater clarity to those looking for your products or services, and your business will ultimately have an edge over the competition. Find even more information about setting up and managing your Google My Business page here. 

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